Conference Themes and Session Organizers

Session Chair: Professor Terry Hull

  1. Family Planning

The session will invite papers on: Current and emerging family planning needs; Contraceptive use among special groups (e.g. teenagers, minorities); Role of public funding and private provision; Benefits of low fertility and mortality rates.


Session Chair: Professor drh. Muhammed Rizal Martua Damanik

  1. Fertility and Population Dividend

The session will invite papers on: Very low fertility and future fertility rates; Fertility rates among special groups/minorities; Reversal of fertility rates; and Voluntary childlessness


Session Chair: Dr Rosserin Gray

  1. Population Ageing

This session will invite papers on: Elderly care in the context of family system changes and female migration; Institutional care; Mental health; Provision of general health care; and Old age pension.


Session Chair: Professor Gavin Jones

  1. Family, Marriage and Divorce

This session will invite papers on: Changing family structure; Marriage in the changing socio-economic context; and Determinants of divorce.


Session Chair: Dr. Wendy Hartanto

  1. Population and Development

This session will invite papers on: Sustainable development goals; Underserved population sub groups; Economic and structural inequalities; and Poverty.


Session Chair: Professor Irudaya Rajan

  1. National and International Migration

This session will invite papers on: National and international migration; International female migration; Consequence of migration on the migrant and the left behind; migration policies, Re-integration and return migration.


Session Chair: Prof. Dr. Djoko Wahono Soeatmadji, SpPD KEMD

  1. Lifestyle Diseases and Mortality

This session will invite papers on: Diabetes and its impact on the family and the patient wellbeing; Heart diseases among various population; Cancer; Alcohol misuse; use of drugs; and Smoking


Session Chair: Professor William Stones

  1. Maternal, Adolescent, and Child Health

This session will invite papers on: Maternal morbidity and mortality; pre- and post- natal care; Sexually transmitted infections; Neonatal and infant mortality; Immunization; Demand side financing programmes; C-sections; Health insurance for maternal health; Teenage pregnancy; Exposure to the internet and its impact on sexual and reproductive health.


Session Chair: Professor Abbas Buhiya

  1. Health System and Health Financing

This session will invite papers on: Public and private health care system and changes needed to address new and emerging health needs; Human resources for health; Health insurance and universal health coverage;


  1. Plenary Session Chair: Professor Saseendran Pallikadavath

Panelists: Session Chairs

 Population and Health – Agenda for future research