Dr Annabel Tremlett

Annabel Tremlett

Senior Lecturer

Phone: 023 92 842839

Email: annabel.tremlett@port.ac.uk


I teach in the professional area of social work at the University of Portsmouth and also carry out research, which currently includes a follow-up study revisiting my PhD research, funded by the British Academy (2013). I completed my PhD in Cultural Studies at King’s College London in 2007, carrying out 15 months of ethnographic fieldwork and comparing local practices with wider representations of ‘Roma’ such as those emanating from other scholarly work and European institutions, looking specifically at the situation of Roma (Gypsy) minorities in Hungary. I carried out some post-doctoral research at the Hungarian Academy of Sciences in 2008, before starting a full-time position at the University of Portsmouth in 2009.

My interests lie at the interface between public and local representations of minority groups and social inclusion in Europe, with a particular interest in Roma minorities. I enjoy using a critical application of approaches from sociology, social anthropology and cultural studies, however, have a passion for using innovative research methods such as photo elicitation.

Research projects

Tremlett A & Harris R. (2015). Beyond the Interview: Ethnicity/’Race’ in sociological research. In Ryan L & McKie L (Eds.) An End to the Crisis of Empirical Sociology? Trends and Challenges in Social Research (pp136-151). London: Routledge.

Tremlett A & Messing V. (2015). Hungary’s future: anti-immigration, anti-multiculturalism and anti-Roma? Open Democracy.

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