Dr Malcolm Whitworth

Course Leader Geological Hazards

Phone: 023 92 842264

Email: malcolm.whitworth@port.ac.uk


I am an engineering geomorphologist with research interests within the fields of geological hazards and engineering geology. These include landslides and slope instability and the application of terrain evaluation techniques, remote sensing and GIS for natural hazard assessment. I have a particular interest in geomorphometry, application digital photogrammetry, terrestrial laser scanning to digital surface model creation and the study of surface landform morphology and change.

Research projects

Current research projects include landslide hazard assessment in Kyrgyzstan and China using remote sensing and GIS, numerical modelling of natural hazards including coastal floods and lava flows, economic impacts of landslides in the UK, and geotechnical characterisation and landslide distribution of the Hampshire Basin. I have a number of active research students working on MSc and PhD level research projects in geomorphology, terrain evaluation and remote sensing.


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