Dr Tamsin Bradley

Tamsin Bradley

Reader in International Development Studies

Phone: 023 9284 6143

Email: tamsin.bradley@port.ac.uk


Dr Bradley is an applied social anthropologist working in international development and has conducted research exploring the interfaces between gender, religion and development in India, Pakistan, Tanzania, Nigeria, Rwanda and Sierra Leone. She is the co-director of the Dowry Project, a network of academics and practitioners, working to eradicate dowry and related violence and she has published a number of books and articles.

Research projects

My current research focuses on gender-based violence, with specific projects exploring female genital mutilation in Africa and rape and dowry-related harassment in India. I have secured research grants and consultancy contracts from DFID, ESRC, EU and the British Academy.


Bradley T. (Accepted/In press, 2016). The Problem with Gossip: The ethics of conducting multi sited ethnographic research. In L. Josephide, A.S. Gronseth (Eds.), The Ethics of Knowledge Production. Oxford: Berghahn.

Bradley T. (Accepted/In press, Feb 2016). Women and violence in India: oppression and the politics of neoliberalism. London: I.B. Taurus

Bradley T & Kirmani N. (2015). Religion, Gender and Development in South Asia. In Tomalin E (Ed.) The Routledge handbook of religions and global development. London and New York: Routledge.

Longman C & Bradley T (Eds.). (2015). Interrogating harmful cultural practices: gender, culture and coercion. London: Ashgate.

Bhatewara Z & Bradley T. (2013). ‘The people know they need religion in order to develop’: religion’s capacity to inspire people in Pune’s slums. European Journal of Development Research 25 (2), 288-304.

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Bradley T, Pallikadavath S. (2013). Dowry and women’s lives in Kerala: what has changed in a decade? Contemporary South Asia, 21 (4), 444-461.

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Bradley T. (2011). Women, Violence and Tradition: Taking FGM and other practices to a secular state. London: Zed Press.

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