Faishal Aminuddin


Email: mfaishal@ub.ac.id


I am a historian and political scientist working as lecturer in the Department of Political Science, Brawijaya University since 2008, and more recently as Executive Director of Portsmouth Brawijaya Centre for Global Health, Population and Policy (PB Centre). From 2012 onwards and currently I am also completing a PhD in comparative politics from Heidelberg University, Germany. As a political scientist my research focus was on civil military relations, electoral politics, and comparative political systems in emerging democracies. Prior to joining the PB Centre, I had more than 10 years expertise as a researcher and consultant in various projects on decentralization and policy making process in local government. My work covers important aspects on decentralization politics, from health to education and administrative policy in Indonesia’s local government during democratization, with a focus mainly on local government capacity building and policy monitoring and evaluation.

Research projects

Since 2012, I conducted several research projects such as ‘Developing Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) as a model of Decentralization Measurement’ (2012-2014/completed), funded by Indonesian Ministry of Education and Culture. Ongoing projects are: ‘Political Corruption in asymmetrical decentralization at provincial level: Building measurement With Corruption Vulnerability Index (2013-2016)’, funded by the Indonesian Ministry of Higher Education and Research. I am Co-applicant on the project title ‘Female international migration from East Java (2015-2017)’ with a British Council Newton Institutional Link Grant.