Professor Kepi Sukesi

Kepi Sukesi

Board of Supervisors, Research Coordinator and Reviewer

Phone: 0341-551665



I was awarded a Master and Doctoral degree from the Institute of Agriculture in Bogor, Indonesia, specializing in rural sociology with a focus on women and gender studies. I work on many aspects of women’s studies and child protection, particularly on Indonesian women migration. I am appointed as Research Coordinator for Indonesian Association of Woman and Gender Studies, Member of Gender Working Group for Ministry of Education, and Research Reviewer for Ministry of Education.

Research projects

I am working on two research projects. Firstly, Strengthening Stakeholder Capacity to Improve Women Indonesian Migrant Worker Professionalism in the Hong Kong Dispatchment Area, funded by Ministry of Higher Education, Indonesia. The purpose of this study is: 1) to establish women IMW empowerment model after moratorium in 2017; 2) to analyze strategy for capacity institutional of stakeholder women migrant workers in Hong Kong; 3) to establish a model of women return migrants through institutional engineering and an economic working group. In this study, we used gender-based perspective research method with qualitative approach, technique, action based research and in-depth analysis. This study took place in Malang and Tulungangung regency, East Java Province. This project is funded by the Ministry of Education, Indonesia.

Secondly, Female International Migration from East Java funded by the British Council Newton Fund and Brawijaya University. This project aims to analyse the impact of Indonesian female migration towards the left behinds, namely husband, youths, elderly, and the return migrants themselves. This project is run in collaboration with the University of Brawijaya and the University of Portsmouth.


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